Flatmate keeping you awake with a creaky bed? Boyfriend keeping you awake with unacceptable snoring? Do you leave your bin in the street so your neighbour trips over it? These are just a few of the cases already submitted for our consideration at Karaoke Court, but we need more. Using the ancient Eskimo tradition of Song Duel, you both sing, and we will judge for you.

Litigants sign up by sending an email to or by visiting Or join us as part of the jury, who will be made up of the entire audience in order to maintain impartiality.
All decisions are final and not very legally binding. Your judge will, however, take a dim view if the decision of the court is not taken with the utmost of seriousness!

There will be post courtroom DJ entertainment and all litigants will receive written confirmation of the court’s verdict.

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KARAOKE COURT, 9pm 14 March 2014
The Gowlett Arms
62 Gowlett Road, Peckham
London SE15 4HY