fig-2 at Bicester Village


Annika Ström, Shezad Dawood, Deborah Coughlin with Gaggle and Vesna Petresin

This autumn, fig-2 at Bicester Village, in association with Outset Contemporary Art Fund, launches a new initiative at the luxury outlet shopping venue. Specially commissioned by Fatos Üstek and curated by Jack Tan, four of this year’s 50 fig-2 artists have been selected to create outdoor site-specific installations that respond to the architecture, street furniture, activity and life at Bicester Village. Throughout November and December 2015, visitors will encounter artworks that pronounce the intersection between contemporary art and fashion, food and retail.

Artists Annika Ström, Shezad Dawood, Deborah Coughlin with her choir Gaggle, and Vesna Petresin feature in the fig-2 programme, and will present new commissions at Bicester Village.Featuring two characters who are frequent Bicester Village shoppers, Annika Ström’s film reveals the peculiarity and intimacy of friendships that can develop in the public-private space of retail venues. Shezad Dawood will lure visitors into an unconventional journey through time-space coordinates that explores cultural inheritance depicted in a hybrid landscape. Deborah Coughlin and her women’s choir Gaggle will activate the streets of Bicester Village with performances that illustrate and comment on the image of contemporary women. Vesna Petresin transforms one of Bicester Village’s telephone boxes into an immersive environment defined by light and sound with an intention to provide a moment for pause and contemplation. As part of Bicester Village’s on going mission to support the arts for audiences nationwide and internationally, this initiative extends the fig-2 programme from its base at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London over to this unique venue in Oxfordshire.

Accompanying the series of works this year, fig-2 at Bicester Village will also present a limited edition set of tea towels produced by the commissioned fig-2 artists.