Crime and Punishment

Friday 17 November, 7pm – 9pm, LADA, The Garrett Centre, 117a Mansford Street, London, E2 6LX


A conversation between the artist Jack Tan and LADA’s Alex Eisenberg on Jack’s approach to ‘legal aesthetics’, and projects such as Four Legs Good (a revival of medieval animal trials) and Karaoke Court (a legally-binding karaoke dispute resolution process).

Part of Extravagant Bodies, an international festival curated by Kontejner, Croatia, examining the socially determined borders between the normal and the pathological, be they concerned with corporeality, appearance, behavior, sexuality or lifestyle.

The fourth festival, Crime and Punishment (2016-17), looks at the social, legislative, scientific and ideological constructions of criminality and social norms that delineate criminal from non-criminal behavior and has involved programmes in Zagreb, Croatia and Belgrade, Serbia in November 2016, in partnership with KIOSK, Belgrade.

(image: MDSC, rules for fools, image Chris Graham)