How to do things with rules, solo exhibition at Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, 14 Aug – 29 Sep 2015.

Office of Public Ritual, Floating Island Gallery (London), June 2014

Score From Guantananmo in Better the Rebel You Know, Cornerhouse (Manchester), May 2014

Infinite Centre, Tintype Gallery (London), March 2014

Karaoke Court, The Gowlett Pub (London), March 2014

Will You Won’t You?, Art 14 London (London), March 2014

From Guantanamo, Zabludowicz Collection (London), June 2013

Baptism, Mori+Stein Gallery (London), Nov 2012

The Green Women and The Defenders of England, Modern Art Oxford (Oxford), Oct 2012

Closure, UK Department for Health (London), Jul 2012

Three Studies On Presence In Things, Royal College of Art (London), Jul 2009

Homage to J, Royal College of Art (London), Apr 2009

Why Do We Cling To Each Other, Royal College of Art (London), Mar 2009

Present, Royal College of Art (London), Nov 2007