Baptism is a form or ritualised washing. Synonymous with Christian rites of admission or adoption, other cultures and traditions have also practised ritualised cleansing, such as the Egyptians, the Hindus and Muslims.

This work however was a response to the Baroque and Catholic decoration of The Flying Dutman pub, and broadly appropriates the Christian aesthetic. In this work participants are invited to engage in procedure, material, relation, time, spoken word and performance.

The Baptism was a one-to-one session with the artist lasting for about 10 minutes involving a washing of hands.

6-9pm. 17 November 2012

The Flying Dutchman Pub
156 Wells Way
London SE5 7SY

Mori+Stein Gallery

This work was in aid of the Southwark LGBT Network and part of the UNTOUCHABLES exhibition curated by Franko B.