Exhibition opening reception: Wednesday 12 August at 6.30 pm
Exhibition runs Thursday 13 AugustTuesday 29 September 2015

Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore
Earl Lu Gallery, Basement Mezzanine
LASALLE College of the Arts
1 McNally Street
Singapore 187940

Opening hours:
10 am – 6pm (except 1.30–2.30 pm)
Tuesday to Sunday, closed on Mondays and public holidays


For his first major solo exhibition, London-based Singaporean artist Jack Tan (b.1971) examines how rules are socially, emotionally and legally constructed. Using the gallery as a social and exhibition space, Tan presents new and recent performance, performatives, sculpture, video, participatory works that reimagine social customs and rituals

How to do things with rules at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore (ICA Singapore) comprises the following new or newly adapted works:

Karaoke Court (2013–ongoing): an interactive performance installation and method of legal arbitration developed with staff and students at LASALLE College of the Arts and the local community. The installation includes a functioning Court office, library and meeting areas.

Conference (2015): a bookable conference table for the duration of the exhibition that presents 3 decision-making sculptures for use during meetings.

Decision Pong (2015) comprises a ping-pong ball and set of ceramic cups  with decisions labelled on each one. A decision is made by throwing the ball and seeing which up it lands in.

Conch (2015) can be used to impose a rule of turn-taking during meetings whereby the person holding the conch has the right to speak.

Ballot box (2015) is a tool for taking secret votes during meetings. Instead of the usual metal box, this ballot box take the form of a tactile burnished ceramic pod.

Art School Surgery (2015) is a one-to-one discussion with the artist about how Sister Corita’s Rules applies or not to a person’s professional life. Art School Surgery takes the form of a 30 minute life coaching sessions.

Visitor Service Officer (2015) highlights the rules and duties of gallery invigilators, and how their behaviour affects visitors. In this work, the artist creatively interprets the official job description of the ICA Singapore’s ‘Visitor Service Officer’, and asks to them to  performs various tasks as part of their daily work in the gallery.

Hard Copy (2015) is a set of 3 ceramic sculptures that form the signed exhibition contract between the ICA (Singapore) and Jack Tan. This inspired by the ancient Mesopotamian practice of inscribing legal documents into stone or ceramic (kudurru or boundary stones).

A Kiss is Just a Kiss (2014-2015) is a performance in which the artist blesses the gallery through various acts of kissing.