Karaoke Court

Karaoke Court Coat of Arms

Karaoke Court Coat of Arms, Institute of Contemporary Arts (Singapore), 2015

Karaoke Court is a work that explores karaoke singing as a platform for resolving disputes. The work is a revival of the spirit of Central Arctic Eskimo Song Duels, where litigants presented their grievances to the entire Inuit community for judgment in the form of humorous and satirical song. Participants are invited to resolve their disputes by singing karaoke in front of an audience who will decide who wins. The processes and decision of the Karaoke Court are made legally binding via the participants’ signing of an Arbitration Contract. Karaoke Court reflects on issues of community conflict and cohesion, and the integral role of presentation and performance in social and legal judgment. Embedded within community practices and spaces, the work does not just attempt to make new art but to propose new legal norms.

Karaoke Court sittings to date:

23 June 2016: Part of curatorial residency Law’s Imagination at arebyte gallery.

5 September 2015:  Part of solo show ‘How to do things with rules‘ at Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore. (photos below) Read news coverage of the show here.

14 March 2014:  This work was first produced at The Gowlett pub in Peckham, South London. (photos below)

Photos of Karaoke Court (Singapore):

Photos of Karaoke Court (The Gowlett Pub):