Three Studies on Presence in Things


RCA Degree Show, June 2009
Royal College of Art, London

A work exploring the relationship between text, moving image and clay.





“Truth comes from opening up and laying bare: an unconcealing.

It does not matter if I destroy the coherence of the object.

Or am I simply shifting the appearance of cohesion when I take something apart?

I have to slip away in order to find the essence of myself.”

“Here I find myself again at the border between worlds: between inclusion and exclusion, in the borderland of longing and loss. It is neither acceptance nor rejection, neither proposition nor opposition. It is the only position where I am close and far enough to see the make-up of either side. From here I draw away so that my eyes and ears are open to possibility and ways through.”

“But neither our purpose nor we is real. In our search for home and meaning, we are fated to return to the emptiness and forced to confront the only reality we have, that of our in-between state.”

“The texture of society is like clay: having form but formless; malleable but with limits; leaving the mark of the hand.”

“It is at that moment of acute risk and nakedness: when the lights illuminate, eyes are on you, the microphone listens, the video records and a question gets through the persona you are projecting. The question enters you and blows clear a space. In that moment you are unravelled, undone. But in the unravelling, a birthing happens and truth is revealed.”

“There is a hollowness in the centre of the colonial native. It seems that the soft centre of our identities have been scooped out and then filled with shiny images of a mythology. The flickering shadows in our core drives us to seek out the home-shore where these shadows will step out of us and become real.”