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Prancing Poodles and Preposterous Pugs – Live Art and other animals @ LADA


An evening about, with, and for Live Art and animals with the artists Shaun Caton, Jack Tan, Angela Bartram and Sibylle Peters.

Date: 16 May 2018
Time: 19:00
Venue: Live Art Development Agency
Address: The Garrett Centre, 117A Mansford Street, Bethnal Green, London E2 6LX
Tickets: Free, but please reserve a place

Jack Tan’s Four Legs Good is a live revival of the medieval animal trials, where animals who had committed some offence were charged in court, prosecuted and defended by barristers, and sentenced in full hearings before a judge. In advance of the first sitting of the Animal Court at Compass Festival 2018 in Leeds, Jack will give a presentation about the Animal Court and offer advice to all dogs present who may have fallen foul of the law on how to bring or defend a case.

Pets, particularly dogs, are very welcome, Snacks and drinks for all creatures will be served.

Check the Live Art Development Agency website for full details of all three talks:

[Image from Legal Cheek]

A Conversation on Personhood: Animals, Law and Performance


This interdisciplinary round-table conversation will question the status of animals in law and critique contemporary understandings of legal personhood.

All welcome. This is a free event, though registration is required.

The Centre for Law and Social Justice are delighted to host artist-in-residence Jack Tan. During his stay we will be hosting a roundtable on animals and personhood to facilitate dialogue across disciplines.

The conversation will feed into Jack’s upcoming performance and art instillation commissioned by the Compass Festival Leedswhere he will revive the medieval animal trials. Jack will appropriate Leeds Town Hall as the site of a fictional Department of Animal Justice, a branch of the Ministry of Justice. Town Hall users will encounter what appears to be a working Animal Court evidenced by signage, information leaflets, posters, court heritage displays, an animal court website, etc. This will culminate in a day of live hearings of ‘naughty animals’ belonging to and nominated by local animal charities, farms and breeders. The accused animals will be prosecuted and defended by barristers, and before a Judge or Recorder according to specially adapted.

Location Details

Charles Thackrah SR 5 (1.05)
University of Leeds

Please use postcode LS6 1AN for sat navs.

All welcome. This is a free event, though registration is required.



Various artists, activists and lawyers
Arrive 7.30pm prompt for bag checks
Saturday 6 January 2018
Arebyte, 7 Botanic Square, London City Island, E14 0LG
Replicating the procedures of courtroom participation, LAW IN THE LIMELIGHT is a new collaborative performance considering the performativity of justice. Since September 2017, artists, activists and lawyers have been meeting monthly in Richard Wentworth’s CONCERTINA installation at Arebyte to explore the relationship between performance and law in discussion workshops facilitated by Jack Tan, as part of Live Art Development Agency – LADA‘s artist-led education programme DIY17. This performance of LAW IN THE LIMELIGHT draws out some of the salient points from the workshops with a particular focus on authenticity, judgment and objecthood in court with the aim of providing insight into the aesthetic dimensions of law and power.
Image: Chloe Cooper, collaged from her illustrations and architectural drawings by Apparata.

Crime and Punishment

Friday 17 November, 7pm – 9pm, LADA, The Garrett Centre, 117a Mansford Street, London, E2 6LX


A conversation between the artist Jack Tan and LADA’s Alex Eisenberg on Jack’s approach to ‘legal aesthetics’, and projects such as Four Legs Good (a revival of medieval animal trials) and Karaoke Court (a legally-binding karaoke dispute resolution process).

Part of Extravagant Bodies, an international festival curated by Kontejner, Croatia, examining the socially determined borders between the normal and the pathological, be they concerned with corporeality, appearance, behavior, sexuality or lifestyle.

The fourth festival, Crime and Punishment (2016-17), looks at the social, legislative, scientific and ideological constructions of criminality and social norms that delineate criminal from non-criminal behavior and has involved programmes in Zagreb, Croatia and Belgrade, Serbia in November 2016, in partnership with KIOSK, Belgrade.

(image: MDSC, rules for fools, image Chris Graham)