Are we body or are we landscape?, talk with Leah Capaldi as part of ‘Pushing Boundaries 2’ at Brighton University, 13 July 2015

Speech! Speech!, part of the Onion Discussions, Mar-July 2014

The Art of Human Rights, lecture at Crucible Centre for Human Rights (London), 24 Feb 2014

An Archeology of Form and Subject, Carroll / Fletchter Gallery, London, Dec 2013

Considering Performance, Autumn 2013 Onion Discussions, Departure Foundation (London), Nov/Dec 2013

Art & Politics Roundtable, part of the Yardhouse Project at the RCA and the Onion Discussions 2013 (London), 22 June 2013

Performance as Paradigm, University of Cambridge, 16 April 2013

Workers, Modern Art Oxford, 18 October 2012

ZOO-TOPIA Symposium, Royal College of Art (London), 21 September 2012

Spaces and Value, City of London (for Critical Practice, Chelsea College), 8 September 2012

Matter in Hand, Kingsgate Studios, 25 January 2012

Law and Policy: An Artist’s/Designer’s Perspective, Royal College of Art (London), 15 November 2010

Creative Conversations, ResearchRCA Royal College of Art (London), 27 October 2010

Art Network Agency, Whitechapel Gallery (London), 1 April 2010

The Onion Discussions, various locations (UK), 21 January 2010 – Present

Perspective & Seeing, Royal College of Art (London), 10 December 2009

Thinking and Practice Group, Royal College of Art (London), 2008-2009