Conflict, Culture and Song

OIL & MINERALS 格陵兰可以说 ‘naamik’ (File photo: Leiff Josefsen). From

Are discord and disagreement necessarily divisive forces or can they be positive or formative – processes by which we learn to understand each other and move forward as a community?

I will be in conversation with Lise Autogena and Joshua Portway, whose film Kuannersuit; Kvanefjeld focuses on issues of tensions and conflict within the small, mostly indigenous, community of Narsaq in southern Greenland.

6.30pm – 8.30pm, Fri 24 March 2017
Arts Catalyst
74-76 Cromer Street
London WC1H 8DR

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‘Hearings’ – Singapore Biennale 2016



Hearings, 2016, 27 Oct 2016 – 26 Feb 2017, Singapore Art Museum (8Q)

Bound manuscripts, music stands and speakers with audio recordings (set of 8) at SAM at 8Q (30 Oct 2016 to 26 Feb 2017). Manuscripts 25 × 17.6/25 cm × various widths (closed/opened dimensions, each); recordings various durations 1:04–3:59 mins

Textile hangings with audio recordings (set of 8) (27 to 29 Oct 2016, 2pm) and ‘live’ performances (29 Oct 2016, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm) at Chamber, The Arts House. Hangings 150 × 120 cm each; ‘live’ performances total duration approx. 17:00 mins (each)

Tan brings art and law together to explore ‘legal aesthetics’. This work presents part of his collaborative project with the Community Justice Centre (CJC). The project explores the experience of litigants-in-person at the State and Family Courts of Singapore. As an artist-in-residence at CJC and the Courts, Tan attended court proceedings, listened to the soundscape of the courts, paying attention to the use of voice, and documented what he heard as drawings. The artist turned his drawings into graphic scores, which were then interpreted and sung by the Anglo-Chinese Junior College Alumni Choir.

Sound production by: Ethan Seow, Salon du Sens
Photos: Olivia Kwok
Design: Darius Ou