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Art & Politics Roundtable

Onion Roundtable on ART & POLITICS as part of the YARDHOUSE project
2pm Saturday, 22 June 2013

Sculpture Building Yard
15-25 Howie Street
London SW11 4AS

Jack Tan, EDL Protest in Bradford (2010)

We are pleased to welcome Ratna Lachman (Director of JUST, a Bradford based human rights and racial justice charity) and Anwar Akhtar (Director of The Samosa, a digital inter-cultural platform) to the Yardhouse/Onion Roundtable on Art and Politics.

In the light of recent mass social unrest in Turkey and Brazil, and closer to home, the extraordinary intervention by Swiss police firing rubber bullets and tear gas in Art Basel, the political frame of art is changing at pace. How can artists negotiate this? Should they even?

In conversation with Jack Tan, Sculpture Tutor and Yardhouse collaborator, the roundtable will open up open up conversation about the relationship between the sometimes contradictory demands of art and social justice or activism, but also work out what ground is shared by art practice and political work.

Art & Politics Roundtable
2pm Saturday 22 June 2013
RCA Sculpture Yard

Join us for lunch at 1pm.